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Raksha Bandhan – Celebration Of Everlasting Bond


As tradition goes, the Raksha Bandhan festival is observed as a token of duty between brothers and sisters. On this day, one ties a Rakhi around their brother’s wrist to offer prayer for his success, luck and well-being. In return, the brother gives her an equally beautiful return gift – promising to always protect her against all odds. This celebration can extend to families who are friends or distant relatives; even if they’re only first cousins.

Each year during Raksha Bandhan, sisters come together with their brothers to renew the bond between them.; Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates their everlasting bond.

It sometimes happens that a brother might be far away, possibly out at work in a foreign country. Even then the sister will follow this tradition of getting Rakhi gifts and sending them off with her heartfelt wishes.

Finding the perfect Rakhi gift for a brother isn’t always easy. As sisters who’ve lived apart from each other for some time, you may not really know what he wants or likes best. So, before this year’s auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan arrives, here are seven great gifting ideas that’ll help you come up with an awesome present he’ll absolutely love


  • Let them know your love by giving them PERSONALIZED GIFTS

If you want to add a sentimental touch to your Rakhi Gift, personalize it. From luxurious black forest photo cakes and handmade keychains to simple I Miss You printed mugs and photo frames; there is something for everyone when adding personalized gifts. This will give the feeling that you put time into choosing his gift.

  • Bless their day with the beauty and fragrance of FRESH FLOWERS

Fresh flowers make a thoughtful Rakhi gift idea for an elder brother who has everything in life and what he only needs is your love, care and company. They also make a good personalized gift if the flower is your brother’s favourite. Sending fresh flowers is just one way of showing him how much you cherish him because they come with a special message of their own! For those looking to send this delightful present, we at Floral Allure have a variety of bouquets that are available by themselves or as part of combos that include chocolates, cake or other items.

  • Make your loved ones happy by gifting CAKES & SWEETS

Not one of a kind but still treasured! Spoiled with small sweets at hand, you’re loved by all. Could it be a cake he once loved eating when he was little? Or a box filled to the brim with chocolates? Send him something special and receive his gratitude, without spending too much. At the end of this celebration come, we bring you decadent treats and Rakhi combos galore – choose from our best-selling cakes or you can customize them to  Photo Cakes and more.

  • Make them mesmerized by gifting PERFUMES

For the fragrance-obsessed brother, there is no better idea than to consider Floral Allure’s perfume collection. With so many choices of scents to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one he’ll love most.

  • Siblings will surely be very happy with good GIFT HAMPERS

Raksha Bandhan is all about celebrating the bond between sisters, so why not show your sister just how much you care by gifting them their favorite goods? You can find almost anything they want with this special Raksha Bandhan hamper! Fill it up with delicacies like chocolates, cookies, cakes, flowers and even perfumes. If they’re health conscious then go for something healthier like dried fruit or nuts – there are options for everyone! And don’t forget to personalize your gift with a handwritten note from you.

So, what are you planning to do to celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year? Don’t forget the festival is just around the corner. Order a Rakhi Gift for your Brother in Dubai or anywhere in UAE from Floral Allure. Floral Allure offers efficient delivery throughout UAE.

It isn’t too late – order a Rakhi gift from us and have it delivered by the time of the event so your brother can fully enjoy his special day. Floral Allure has one of the fastest deliveries in all of UAE. If you’re running low on time for ordering something online, we offer same-day delivery! After all, we want everyone to feel loved during such an auspicious celebration.

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